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Pyro Glass (Fire Glass) Quotation

Benefits Of Pyro Glass

  • Provides passive protection for escape from buildings or firefighter access.
  • Protects against the spread of fire and helps to limit fire damage.
  • Opaque insulating interlayer blocks the view of the fire which minimises panic and acts as a guide for emergency services to indicate the presence of fire.
  • Suitable for all applications where full fire insulation together with protection against flame and hot gases is a requirement of the local building regulations.
  • Typical applications include partial or full size fire doors, partition glazing along escape routes, room compartmentation, roofs, floors and facade glazing.
  • Designed to be used in windows to prevent break out of fire and movement of fire along or up the outside face of the building or across re-entrant corners, as well as the prevention of fire transfer from one building to another.
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