Pre-Order Technical Notes From Park Glass

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Pre-Order Technical Notes

Toughened Stamps

All arrissed edge toughened glass supplied by Park Glass will have a face stamp located in the corner unless otherwise specified. All polished edge glass 6mm and above will have a line logo kite mark on the edge of the glass unless otherwise stated. Please state if you require any different pre-order but all toughened glass MUST have a stamp.

Toughened Laminate Glass

Our bespoke toughened laminate glass will be laminated with an EVA interlayer. EVA offers a greater transparency and moisture resistance compared to PVB thus making it thermally and mechanically more steady thus less likely to delaminate.

Back Painted Glass

Park Glass recommend using low iron glass when painting as clear glass has an inherent green tinge. Low Iron glass will be supplied unless otherwise stated. Please provide RAL/ Dulux/ Pantone/ British Standard or other code – bespoke colours can be matched as close as possible.

Polished Edges

We polish glass on either straight line edger’s or a CNC. Shaped items tend to be polished on the CNC. We can offer other edge finishes such as a bull nose upon request.

Cut Outs

Internal radius is dependent on internal finish required. If the finish is arrissed the cut out will have a minimum of 7mm internal radius and if polished it will be a minimum of 14mm. Please inform us which you require at the time of ordering.

Drill Holes

Hole locations on toughened glass can be pivotal to the success of the toughening process. Some guidelines are as such;

  • Distance from edge of glass to edge of hole must be at least 1.5x thickness of glass.

  • Holes in the corners must be 4x thickness of glass from one edge and at least 1.5x thickness from the other edge.

  • Holes must be minimum of the glass thickness.


When glass is processed with polished edges the corners will be sharp as standard. This can be nullified by applying a dubbed or radius corner. All radius corners will be processed on the CNC machine. Your option needs to be specified at order stage.


Any templates supplied should be hardboard and exact finish with any holes or cut outs in the correct locations.


Park Glass can convert any sketches into PDF and DXF production files where possible. Preferably we can accept your own CAD files in DWG or DXF format for production.


We work to +/- 2mm on glass size, drill hole and cut out locations.


Where possible Park Glass shall deliver with their own transport but some regions we have to outsource delivery via a fragile goods courier – this increases lead time by a few days.
Where parking/unloading restrictions apply please state at quote stage so we can price correctly.
Deliveries are curb side only – the customer is responsible to unload and move the glass without the assistance of our driver unless prior arrangements are made.

Please Note

During glass processing, failures and/or breakages can occur. Lead times are always given in good faith but unfortunately delays cannot be ruled out and should be taken into consideration when orders are placed. We will not accept any liability and/or penalties for late deliveries.
By agreeing to order with Park Glass you are agreeing to our full Terms & Conditions which can be found here.
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