Fire Protection

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We offer a wide range of fire-resistant glass options with varying levels of protection to suit your needs. Protection levels are measured in defined time periods (30, 60, 90, 120 and 180 minutes) and in terms of either integrity and insulation or integrity only, as designated by the European Standards.

To ensure the expected fire performance is achieved, should it be called upon, fire or heat-resistant glass must always be specified as part of a tested and approved glazing system and installed by specialists.

Pyro Glass (Fire resistant glass) is used in buildings to help slow down and stop the spread of fire. In order to comply with British and European standards the glass must be glazed in the correct frame with the correct materials.
The British Standards are: BS476 Part 20 and Part  22. The European standards are: EN13501-2, EN1363, EN1364 and EN1365.


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All doors come GRP skinned with thresholds and drips which are ready to fit within a week of placing your order.