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Glass Splash Backs

Want your kitchen to stand out from the crowd? Why not add a coloured splash back to create a fresh new look.

With over 600 colours to choose from, there is a splash back that will transform any kitchen, giving it the vibrant new feel you always dreamed of.

All our splash backs are made from 6mm toughened, low iron glass as standard. As a result of using low iron glass, colours will appear more vibrant and will allow a more accurate colour match.

If you require a glass splash back to sit around cooker hoods, taps etc. This is not a problem, simply construct a template of the exact size you need and cut out any notches or holes. By doing this we are able to make the glass splash back more accurately, removing the possibility of any errors.
All our splash backs meet British and European Standard BS EN 12150.

*We request that all templates are made from hardboard, MDF or plywood. We will NOT accept templates made from cardboard or paper.


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