Glasen Glass

Glasen is a unique film laminated onto the back of glass to provide the ultimate in high gloss finish - that is the perfect look and surface performance.
Glasen Glass retina


  • High gloss finish
  • 3D Pearlised decorative vinyl designed to be put onto the back of glass
  • Glasen can be bonded to any thickness of glass between 4mm and 19mm
  • Cut to any shape and size from 1220mm x 2440mm sheets
  • Certified as a safety film, tested in accordance to DIN EN12600 to classification 2 (B) drop height 450mm
  • Can be applied to a single sheet of glass and any spec of glass
  • Glass film laminated in a controlled, clinical environment

Glasen Colour Chart

Chess Pure White

Stacks Image 8165

Etching Burnt Amber

Stacks Image 8173

Gold Coconut

Stacks Image 8181

Leaf Biscotti

Stacks Image 8189

Maple Gold Chestnut

Stacks Image 8123

Mesh Silver

Stacks Image 8277

Oriental Gold

Stacks Image 8358

Rose Blossom Red

Stacks Image 8373

Swing Ivory

Stacks Image 8368

Wave Nightshade

Stacks Image 8363


  • Stunning new 3D effects that are exciting
  • Any size and thickness, any room - be inspired
  • Safe, clean and smooth
  • Create feature panels, splash backs and cut outs
  • Create stylish feature drawer fronts and doors
  • Create work surfaces with the WOW factor
  • Feature on table tops and counter to bring the room design together
  • Revolutionise how you use decorative glass
  • There is no limit to where it can be used

Decorative European Glass

Leather Snake

Stacks Image 9835

Leather Croc

Stacks Image 9905

Gold Leaf

Stacks Image 9913

Deco Floral

Stacks Image 9921


Stacks Image 10005


Stacks Image 10022

Gold Sparkle

Stacks Image 9973

Black Swirl

Stacks Image 9897

White Circle

Stacks Image 10030

White Swirl

Stacks Image 10069

Colours can only be used as a guide. Samples can be supplied on request

We request that all templates are made from hardboard, MDF or plywood. We will NOT accept templates made from cardboard or paper.